Data Protection

All personal information given by the Client and by its possible users on registration forms and/or subscription forms may be made subject to being recorded in one or more Fundsquare files, whether or not in data processing form. The Client is hereby informed pursuant to Luxembourg law that Fundsquare itself is responsible for the processing thereof.

Such personal information shall exclusively be used by Fundsquare for the purpose of :

  • allowing its Client and its possible users a secure and differentiated access to the aggregate of Services offered on the Site ;

  • allowing Fundsquare to carry out the administrative and business follow-up of the Client and of its possible users.

1. The Client and its possible users have a right to access and to rectify their personal data and may at any time modify their personal data by way of the « My profile » Site item.

2. Personal data pertaining to the Client shall not be recorded for longer than necessary taking into account the finality of the processing of such personal data. Personal data shall only be recorded for such time as is required by law.

3. The Client is entitled to oppose the use of any personal data relating to its person for canvassing or marketing purposes by Fundsquare.

4. Fundsquare hereby undertakes to abstain from disclosing any personal data regarding the Client to any third party for the purpose of using such personal data of the Client for marketing or canvassing purposes of for any other purpose whatsoever.

5. Fundsquare does and shall subsequently take all and any precaution necessary in view of the due protection of personal information regarding its Clients and their possible users. Fundsquare shall in that aim use and shall subsequently use all and any of the online safety or security measures then in force for the purpose of protecting such information, such as for example legalization procedures. Fundsquare recalls however that transmission over the Internet cannot be 100% secured.

6. The Client hereby authorises Fundsquare to collect and to process all and any personal data concerning it such as they may be defined in the present Article. Any Client may at its choice refuse to communicate such information to Fundsquare and thus prevent Fundsquare from using such files. Such refusal may however represent an obstacle to any entry into business relations or the pursuit of business relations between the Client and Fundsquare.