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The sole purpose of Fundsquare is, through this service, to exchange information between its members and to the general public, and not to directly or indirectly make a selling or public offer of securities in any country whatsoever.

Fundsquare has done and does its best effort to verify the correctness of the data available on its site. Due attention should be given to the fact that some information available on the site is based on external sources. It is provided to you on an "AS IS" basis without warranties or representations of any kind. Fundsquare assumes no explicit and implicit liability in respect of the correctness, fullness and updating of the data supplied on the site or linked to the site through hyperlinks, or in respect of the commercial value of the same. Data on the prices of securities is displayed on the website with a few minutes' delay.

Fundsquare therefore recommends you to make no decision on the basis of the data until you have properly checked such data. Furthermore you are hereby advised that, under all and any circumstances, you will be deemed to be fully responsible for the use which you will make of the data.

Fundsquare, and its directors, managers, employees, members, agents and consultants, may not be deemed to be liable to any person whatsoever for losses, damages, costs, and expenses, including loss of earnings, loss of use, subsequent, ancillary, indirect and direct damage due to errors, omissions or changes in the data collected on the server or connected to the server throuh hyperlinks.

Intellectual property

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Interruption of the service

Fundsquare may have to interrupt the Internet service, in whole or in part, without advance notice, for reasons of absolute necessity because of the occurrence of an event which is independent of Fundsquare's will. Fundsquare shall, to any possible extent, take any required steps to reestablish the connection within a reasonable timeframe. However, Fundsquare is in no way liable for such interruptions nor for any delay in the reestablishment of the connection.

Moreover, Fundsquare is in no way liable for any direct or indirect damages arising in particular from the interruption or dysfunction, for any reason whatsoever, of the Internet service.

Applicable law and access to the website

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To the extent that the website may be accessed from any foreign location, it is up to the person who connects him/herself to this website to abide by the legislation of his/her country of residence or of connection. Access to the information contained on this website from any foreign jurisdiction is made at the visitor's own risk. Such person will bear any direct or indirect consequences ensuing from an infringement of the relevant legal and regulatory provisions. Fundsquare is in no way liable for any such infringement.