Document Library

1. Search

This page enables you to find documents on a particular fund related to a particular country of domicile.

To find a document, you must first select a country of domicile.

If you do not select a country of domicile, all other fields will be inactive and you will be unable to proceed. When you have selected a country, three of the five fields will become active:
  • ISIN code: You can carry out a search by ISIN.
  • Promoter: If you select the name of a promoter, the "Fund" field will become active and is automatically populated with the appropriate fund names. To proceed, you must, at a minimum, select the name of the fund. When you have chosen the fund, the same can be done with the name of a sub fund, if you wish.
  • Document type: The above two searches can be restricted to specific documents by using this field.

2. Search results

Search results are presented in the form of a tree structure.

This will give, depending on the options chosen in the initial search, a complete list of documents at fund, sub-fund and share class levels.

Documents such as prospectuses and financial reports are found at fund level, while KIIDs are found at share class level.

If you need to see more or less detail in the tree structure, click on "Expand all / Collapse all".

3. Download

Please note that to download certain documents you must be a registered user and logged in. Other documents, such as KIIDs and factsheets, can be freely downloaded without login or registration.

There are two options for downloading documents:
  • You can download documents individually by clicking on the PDF icon.
  • You can download one document, or many documents simultaneously, by using the check boxes on the right and clicking on the "Download" icon (at the top and bottom of the tree structure, on the right). This will produce a ZIP file.
In the second case, there is a limit of 200 documents per download.