NAV Information

NAV non dissemination reason

Reason of the non dissemination of the NAV. This information appears only if the NAV is not available.

  • If the value of the "Previous NAV" is not available, the subscription price is used to fill this field.
  • The variation in percentage is calculated on the basis of NAVs expressed in reference currency.
    The reference currency is the currency shown within the "Fund Information" frame on the "Security Information" sheet.
  • The Aktiengewinn and the ADDI columns are only available since January 1st 2004 for UCIs ditributed in Germany.
The information may not appear for several reasons:
  • not available
  • fund not distributed in Germany
  • not applicable to this day.


The "Zwischengewinn" must be provided as from January 1st, 2005 for all the funds distributed in Germany.

The purpose of the Zwischengewinn is to tax the German investors on the component interests of the NAV.

It is an amount expressed in value per share, which may be negative and changes on each NAV calculation.