Operating Partners

Operating partners

Data collection and coverage partner


Fundsquare has a strategic collaboration with Tetrao. Both parties are working to enlarge Fundsquare’s data scope, creating new features and services and enabling scale, by combining Tetrao’s AI technology with Fundsquare’s fund market infrastructure.


Data disclosure partner


Fundsquare has a tech partnership with Kurtosys that enables asset managers to comply with data disclosure requirements, from dissemination to publication. 

At the core of the innovative offering is a technical integration of the Fundsquare dissemination platform and the Kurtosys distribution cloud, which provides a unique suite of services combining the respective expertise of both systems.  


Solvency II reporting partner


Fundsquare has teamed up with Silverfinch to provide a look-through and data utility that allows insurers to comply with Solvency II disclosure regulation and enables asset managers to manage and carry out look-through requests from insurers.


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