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Fund data hub for PRIIPs regulation requirements

Enabling all actors to exchange efficiently KID data & documents

Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 (PRIIPs Regulation) requires manufacturers of Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) to prepare ‘Key Information Documents’ (KIDs) for these products before they are made available to retail investors, and those selling or advising on these products to provide the KIDs to retail investors before they buy those products.

The new regulation entails three main challenges for the Fund Industry when servicing the Insurance Industry:

  • Exchange Fund data needed by multiple PRIIPs manufacturers
  • Deals with multiple data files and formats
  • Disseminate the new Key Information Documents

The PRIIPs manufacturers should collect data for all underlying packaged assets in order to produce the required document:

  • Narrative information
  • Risk computation information
  • Cost transparency

The cost and industrialization of KID document production will require multi-sourcing coordinated data collection and technological scalable processes

PRIIPs manufacturers, in addition to the obligation of preparing accurate, fair, clear and not misleading KID, should establish periodic and exceptional processes to review the information contained in the Key Information Document.

To support the Fund Industry, Fundsquare is leveraging on its proven UCITS IV data collection and dissemination processes to deliver an efficient and mutualized HUB for the exchange of PRIIPs data and documents.

PRIIPs KID Overview

Fund data collection

Data & documents hub enabling PRIIPs manufacturers of insurance products to retrieve KIDs data and documents from Funds KIDs factories and manufacturers.

Service features:

  • Multi-sourcing & multi-format data collection
  • Data exhaustivity checks
  • File transmission with agreed content in a customized format and frequency

Dissemination solution

From the same Information Database, Fundsquare supports KID information dissemination to your counterparties and targeted groups, such as the distribution network of the fund, or to other groups.

Service features:

  • Information collection from multiple sourcers
  • Consistency checks and verification
  • Self-management counterparties lists
  • Dissemination monitoring and receivers’ tracking
  • Web white labeling solution

Proven and efficient processes for PRIIPs

Fundsquare’s platform is today the leading platform for transmitting data and documents.

  • 600 companies using for regulatory compliance
  • More than 1,5 million KIIDs are transmitted annually
  • 90,000 prospectuses and financial reports
  • Fund information from 1,500 fund promoters
  • Feeding data to 110 distributors and distribution platforms

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