Regulatory Services

Regulatory Reporting

An ideal solution for fulfiling reporting requirements

Our platform enables improved and structured communication with authorities. For investment funds, can be used as a stand-alone product or as a component of the Fundsquare infrastructure.

As a stand-alone product As a part of the Fundsquare platform
  • Transmission of final versions of prospectuses, annual and semi-annual reports to the CSSF and to Fundsquare
  • All aspects related to the creation of a fund, as well as procedures during the life of the fund.
  • Attribution of ISIN codes with numbering agencies
  • Listing of an investment fund at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
  • Encrypted transmission of regulatory reports to the Luxembourg Central Bank (BCL) and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
  • Unencrypted transmission to the CSSF of cross-border notification packages as part of the requirements of the UCITS IV directive
  • Encrypted or unencrypted transmission of other data, such as investment fund static data, to Fundsquare.

These are just a small selection. For investment funds and other types of entities, there are more than eighty types of reporting that can be carried out via this platform. New types of reports and functionalities are being added all the time. is developed in cooperation with the CSSF and is in line with CESR recommendations for improved communication methods between filing entities and authorities.

The platform was developed with three main aims in mind:

  • structured communication
  • a secure environment
  • increased efficiency and improved follow-up.

A LuxTrust certificate is required to use services. LuxTrust then acts as certification authority, duly approved by the CSSF. When the entity has a security certificate, generates a keystore containing double encryption keys to guarantee confidentiality. The validity of the certificate is verified:

  • at each connection
  • during the transmission and encryption of an envelope
  • daily and automatically, on the basis of a Certificate Revocation List to check for expired or invalid certificates. uses a full HTTP/S connection.

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