Access More Fund Information

Three options to match your needs

Access to fund information is based on three profiles. Each profile allows a certain level of access to information and services.

  • Free public access
  • Free registered access for private users
  • Premium access for professional users.

Free public access means you do not need to log in and it comprises:

  • Quick search based on codes, countries and promoters
  • Fund cards: overview, latest NAV and performance chart, security information, general tax information
  • Documents: Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and fund factsheets
  • Document Library search
  • Fund Processing Passports
  • Fund notices and announcements

Registered access

This requires you to register and log in to access more information and services. Private user access is free but  Professional User Access is a paid service and will require an agreement to be signed.

Free registered access
for private users
Premium access
for professional users
  • All features of free public access
  • Fund cards: all detailed information in the fund cards, except historical prices and dividends
  • Documents: up to 20 prospectuses and financial reports per month
  • Watchlist of up to 10 funds (ISINs).
  • All features of free registered user access
  • Unlimited document downloads
  • Fund cards: historical prices and dividends
  • Watchlist of up to 250 funds (ISINs) and XLS data downloads from watchlist
  • Self-managed alerts on fund data changes.

It is important to note that fund order givers connected to the order management platform , fund administrators using Fundsquare Station and authorities will have a specific profile that does not depend on the above limits.