Regulatory Services

A comprehensive CRS and FATCA solution for all financial institutions

Enabling Automatic Exchange Of Information (AEOI)

Under the CRS Luxembourg Law on the Automatic Exchange Of Financial Account Information in the the field of taxation, all Luxembourg Financial Institution (FIs), including investment funds, will report to the Luxembourg tax administration, who will then transmit the information to all other European Union Members States (DAC2), as well as other OECD jurisdictions that have signed the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement.

Fundsquare CRS and FATCA Reporting

Fundsquare is an official channel for secure transmission between Luxembourg financial institutions and the Luxembourg tax administration.

Proven and efficient processes for reporting transmission

Fundsquare’s platform is today the leading platform for transmitting regulatory reporting.

  • 10,300 financial institutions and service providers are already connected to authorities via

  • More than 1 million regulatory reports are transmitted annually

  • The CRS and FATCA solution via is designed as a single point of contact for several domiciles

Product features

Web forms Entry screens that enable users to upload or complete manually and submit CRS and FATCA reporting to tax administrations
Sending service Automatically encrypt and send reports to tax administrations
Compatible with most current operating systems (Windows / Unix / Linux)
With network mapping, users can simply copy the file to be sent in the appropriate directory
Encrypted All transmissions will be encrypted and authentication will be made via a LuxTrust certificate
XML reporting The official message is XML CRS is used with some additional data “headers” and local rules defined by the tax administrations
Naming convention A naming convention has been defined with the tax administrations in order to track automatic transmissions, ensure completeness of controls and identification of filing and reporting entities
Acknowledgments Management of technical and business feedback from tax administrations included in the web forms and sending service
Common codification ReportingFI and Filing entities / Depositors use official serial number codes defined by ACD (CCSS code)
Zero reporting management Ability to provide an “empty reporting”
Dashboard User friendly dashboard for monitoring with rights management

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