Fax Dealing Automation

Fax Dealing Automation

Decrease costs and increase quality on fax activity throughout the ordering process

Fundsquare works with Numen to offer fund management companies a solution to automate their document management processes by transforming orders received via fax into structured electronic transactions.

This solution is based on Fundsquare’s SWIFT transformation capabilities and Numen’s vast track record in Europe in dematerializing industrial volumes of documents.

Fax dealing automation

A unique solution for fax orders

This is a complete service that includes transforming fax orders into electronic messages and  sending them in ISO format via secure networks.

  • Significant cost savings on the operations
  • Reduce handling time frames
  • Maximise quality and so minimise risks
  • Remain flexible and easily absorb volume peaks and fluctuations

The benefits of using this service include decreased costs, improved processing flows, lower risks and greater transparency for investors.