Fundsquare Station

Fundsquare Station

Tools for fund administrators

The level of detail that you can see in the menu depends on the permissions that have been assigned to you.

Quality control

This page is for viewing and downloading follow-up files in Excel concerning NAV transmission and EUSD static data.

Fund Information and Reporting

This menu allows you to download and work with various types of CSSF and BCL regulatory reports as well as forms related to fund descriptive information. There are 4 sub-menus:

  • Download form
  • Fund information reporting security search
  • Documents and envelopes received
  • Documents and envelopes sent.

NAV/Dividend transmission

Use this page to download and work with all types of forms related to NAVs and dividends.

Dashboards for transmissions and dissemination

This is a dashboard view of transmissions and dissemination, used for follow-up.

The dashboard contains:

  • Consolidated view
  • My transmissions (chronological view, NAV view, dividend view and processes view)
  • My dissemination (chronological view, security view, overview of processes, subscriptions ending, disseminations processing, disseminations completed and error messages)
  • Dashboard management.

Specific Addressees

The specific addresses functionalities allow users of the Fundsquare Station to configure NAVs to be automatically sent to specific recipients. This menu contains 5 sub-menus:

  • Subscription: add security
  • Sample structure
  • Addressee subscription
  • Sample management
  • Addressee management
  • Check lists