Order Management Services

Order Management Services

Meet the challenge of buying multiple funds across different jurisdictions and benefit from a single hub for order routing

The Fundsquare platform provides services for order management bringing operational effectiveness through cost mutualisation and reducing time to market.

These services enable distributors, fund management companies and funds (and their respective transfer agents) to transmit orders related messages effectively. These services cover:

  • Real-time order routing from fund distributors to fund/transfer agents
  • Real-time order and confirmation notifications from fund/transfer agents to distributors
  • Real-time reporting and communications from fund/transfer agents to distributors.


Order management Overview


Distributors may transmit and receive the following type of messages to transfer agents:

  • Subscriptions and  redemptions
  • Bulk / multiple orders, transformed into single ones within the platform
  • Switches (containing one single subscription leg and one single redemption leg)
  • Transfers (Free of Payment), forwarded by the platform
  • Cancellations
  • Confirmations / notifications
  • Statements,  forwarded by the platform.

Translation Services

In case the fund distributors or the fund/transfer agents are not able to support ISO (MT or MX) standards for transmitting order related messages, Fundsquare is able to offer customized solution enabling quick transformation of proprietary format.

Although Fundsquare is aiming for maximum standardisation, this flexible product permits connection to the infrastructure with no disturbance on your systems.