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LU0907363021   MFS Investment Fds EmergMktsEquity Fd USD Cap  
Last NAV statusUnavailable - Dormant share  (from 15/03/2022)
Previous NAV14/03/2022125.09 USD  -1.56  % 
General Information
Share class dividend policycap
Legal structureFCP
Legal status-
Belgian Asset Test
Application start dateApplication end dateRatioStatusSource
Tax reporting status per country
TaxStatusApplication start date Application end date 
BE Asset Test Information - SourceAT01/02/202231/01/2023
BE Asset Test Information - Status for RedemptionOUT01/02/202231/01/2023
BE Asset Test Information - Redemption ratio (%)2.99600001/02/202231/01/2023
Italian asset test

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