Information Services

Servicing all your data requests for Solvency II

Look-through solution for asset managers via our partnership with Silverfinch

Asset manager disclosure and information dissemination as a result of the look-through principle of Solvency II will bring challenges for protecting intellectual property and increased complexity in the distribution process.

Fundsquare has teamed up with Silverfinch to provide a comprehensive solution that enables asset managers to have a secure response to requests for look-through portfolio data.

Solvency II Silverfinch look through

Respond to institutional requests in an efficient, reliable, secure and cost effective manner

The Silverfinch-Fundsquare partnership provides asset managers with a single venue for their portfolio holdings data that will respond to many institutional client requests. Security is paramount with Silverfinch, all data is managed in a highly secure environment.

  • Facilitate internal and external look-through management
  • Protect intellectual property in a controlled environment
  • A scalable data standard

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