• Fund Promoter

    Launching and selling and investment fund is a detailed complex affair. We enable fund promoters to improve and streamline their existing distribution processes and create efficiency and value.

    Be part of a collaborative solution that facilitates cross-border distribution.

    Solutions for fund promoters
  • Fund Buyer

    You need an efficient way of buying and selecting multiple funds across different jurisdictions and support for point-of-sale compliance.

    We offer a flexible and responsive infrastructure across the fund investment process.

    Solutions for fund buyers
  • Service Provider

    Cross-border investment funds require proven and flexible solutions that meet multi-market and multi-segment needs. We are your trusted partner.

    Join a scalable infrastructure that supports your value proposition.

    Solutions for service providers

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Fax dealing Featured Service - Fax Dealing with Numen
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  Solvency II Solution  

Enabling asset managers to have a secure response to requests for look-through data.

In association with Silverfinch

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September Newsletter: Update on regulatory reporting, compilations of Luxembourg fund laws, FinTech and fund industry efficiencies.

Plus, the month's fund industry news and statistics from the Fundsquare database.


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